Do Resonant Advertisements Resonate with Consumers? The Interaction Of Wordplay, Regulatory Focus, and Need for Cognition and Its Impact on Persuasion

Jieun Choi

Kangwon National University

Charles R. Taylor

Villanova University

Doo-Hee Lee

Korea University


  • Resonant advertisements can be particularly effective for individuals who are promotion focused or have high need for cognition.
  • Resonance in an advertisement does not appear to have an impact on prevention-focused consumers for any of the dependent measures of advertising effectiveness used in this study.
  • Resonant advertisements will perform better, on average, for a general consumer group, because people who are not influenced by such advertisements do not rate them lower, whereas those who are favorably disposed rate them more positively.
  • If psychographic data are available, it may be possible to target promotion-focused groups and those with a high need for cognition explicitly with resonant advertising.