Cross-Device and Cross-Channel Identity Measurement Issues and Guidelines: How Advertisers Can Maximize the Impact of an Identity-Based Brand Campaign

Evan Neufeld

Storyline Development

Editors' Note

The Coalition for Innovative Media Measurement (CIMM), founded in 2009, was named for its mission: "to promote innovation in audience measurement for television and cross-platform media." In 2016, the organization turned its focus to marketers' practice of mapping consumer identities across online and offline channels. Driven by the explosion in consumers' use of mobile devices - and the resulting expansion of digital media and other consumer touch points - the practice has risen in both importance and adoption, presenting opportunities and challenges to advertisers. CIMM hired marketing consultant Evan Neufeld to identify the best and worst practices and provide frameworks and guidelines that brands could apply when conducting cross-device and cross-platform exercises in consumer matching. In the pages that follow, we offer an excerpt of that study, the result of insights gained from interviews with 20 brand marketers and data-and-solutions vendors.