Virgin Atlantic: Taking on the world with a dash of 'je ne sais quoi'

Principal authors: Jeremy Poole, RKCR/Y&R; Lee Moran, OMD International; Rebecca Bourdon, Gyro; Tyler Schultz, Hall & Partners
Contributing authors: Tosin Osho, BrandScience; Emily James, RKCR/Y&R

Author's summary:

Mass consolidation in the industry left Virgin Atlantic facing a new breed of global competitor.

With a historical reliance on the UK to drive growth, it was crucial that both ends of Virgin Atlantic's route network were working equally hard to deliver incremental revenue.

'Your airline's either got it or it hasn't' is the first ever global campaign for a Virgin brand. Not only has it outperformed previous VA campaigns in the UK, including Still Red Hot, but delivered significant growth across the rest of the world.

The global return on marketing investment is estimated at £15.66 per £1 spent.

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