Campaign details

Brand: Tenderstem
Advertiser: Coregeo
Agency: McCann Bristol

Introduction – Let's (not) take it from the top!

This is the story of Tenderstem®. A small green vegetable that may not have made megabucks, but it has made waves. It has done something no one has ever done before: in the completely commoditised category that is supermarket vegetables, we have built a strong and sustainable brand by breaking conventions. We have created a veg with personality.

We have managed to achieve this in a category where we have no control over the price, packaging or positioning of our product in store. Here the retailers rule the roost.

Through this campaign, Tenderstem® supported premium pricing, increased its household penetration, and drove volume growth of 71% versus market growth of 26%1. In doing this we have ensured that the farmers growing Tenderstem® receive a fair return for their product, as opposed to other produce, such as livestock and dairy, where margins are being squeezed more than ever before.