I'm Blue da ba dee da ba da-ee

Remember that? The biggest hit of September '99? Sold over a million copies?

It's by Eiffel 65, in case you've forgotten.

But where are they now? Just one more hit ('Move your body' reached number three in 2000). And then...? Nada.

There are one-hit-wonders a-plenty. Some, like Live Aid, were one-hit and wondrous for good reason. But most shine brightly for a few short weeks and then fade, ingloriously, from memory.

In 2002, the world went mad for 'The Ketchup Song'. It sold 6 million copies. But (perhaps thankfully) none of Las Ketchup's follow-up singles made it into the UK charts.

A couple of years earlier, Coldplay released 'Yellow'. Eighty million record sales later, with a reported net worth of $475m, they're still going strong - testament to trademark quality, an ongoing reputation for brilliant live gigs, an ability to mould what they do to changing times and a brand that's bigger than any individual song. You might consider Radiohead or U2 in the same vein.