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Brand: Starbucks
Advertiser: Starbucks UK
Agency: Manning Gottlieb OMD

Starbucks and Social: How Starbucks Created the Fourth Place in Coffee Culture

This is a story about how social media can build a business. It's not a story about an unexpected piece of hero content, a one-off disruption, or a runaway viral success. It's about what brands can learn from how people use social media to build sustainable business growth. The story of how social media sold over 12m beverages and returned £14.9m in additional profit. How the decision to shift marketing investment to social channels drove £18m more revenue. And it's about how Starbucks used social media to create a fourth place in coffee culture.

The effect of communications on coffee shops

Before we talk about what we did, we need to take a quick step back and think about how communications work in the coffee market and specifically for Starbucks.