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Brand: Vodafone
Advertiser: Vodafone Ireland
Agency: Grey London; Wavemaker Dublin


This is story is about Vodafone, the brand leader of the mobile telecommunications market in Ireland. It starts in 2012 and spans the period of communication between 2013 and the end of 2016.

In 2012 the market in Ireland was beyond saturation point. An increasingly crowded market spawned intense competition, which in turn led brands into a promotion-driven spiral, forcing them to offer more and more for less and less. Little by little, margin and value were being stripped out of the market.

This paper tells how Vodafone Ireland bucked this trend. Throughout the whole of this period Vodafone's competition were offering unlimited 'all-you-can eat' data offers. In the face of these deep discounts Vodafone stood its ground, focussing defiantly and single-mindedly instead on the quality of its Network.