Campaign details

Brand: Lidl Ireland
Advertiser: Lidl Ireland
Agency: Chemistry


'My one wish out of the campaign is that people will put their energies into supporting not just our sport but women in sport in general' Helen O Rourke, CEO of Ladies Gaelic Football.

In 2015, Lidl Ireland was experiencing struggles in the battle to win hearts, minds, and purses of the Irish shopper. Purses might appear like a leading term to describe the shopper - it's certainly not a gender-neutral term, but shopping is not a gender-neutral activity; 70% of grocery shopping is done by females; their purchasing influence is estimated at over 90% (iReach 2014 quant).

In late 2015, Lidl signed up as sponsor of Ladies Gaelic Football. Gaelic Football is one of Ireland's national sports. It's not just a pastime; it is rooted in the very fabric of Irish culture and communities. Like most major sports around the world, the focus is on the men's game – which in turn drives support, media coverage and sponsorships. On Championship Final Day, Croke Park (Ireland's national stadium, one of the biggest in Europe at 82,300 capacity) is at capacity with 1/3 of Ireland's population tuning in to watch the match from home.