How Octasa achieved big growth in a seemingly no-win situation

Principal authors: Shamim Karim and Nicky Oates, MJL Limited


We recognise that spending time reading about the dry and factual world of pharmaceutical products and strange diseases is perhaps not the norm for an IPA Effectiveness Awards submission document but please bear with us!

This paper will show how, despite a tiny budget, a me-too product, an uninterested audience and only 11 sales reps, we managed to relaunch Octasa (a branded mesalazine for the treatment of ulcerative colitis (UC)) into the highly competitive branded drugs market making it a prescribed drug of choice amongst healthcare professionals and turning a 3-year investment of £1.2 million into cumulative 3-year sales of £20.3 million, achieving a payback of £16.41 for every £1 invested.