Agency: Garrat Baulcombe / FCB Author: David Hill

'Green Science' from Schering: A Corporate that's making a profit


Schering Agriculture's corporate campaign, which began on 16 September 1986, might have done no more than publicise a change of company name. Indeed, many campaigns have been based on just such a premise - but Schering wanted more.

The company wanted an identifiable property to 'add value' to company and product image, a springboard to increase sales by 3% in a static market, and a crisp exposition of its long-term business mission.

And it got it all, and more, from 'Green Science'.

Those two words have changed the perceptions of an industry to such an extent that it is hard to believe that there was a time that they did not exist.

But Green Science has not just been responsible for a new image, it has generated much more concrete business results - increased turnover, market share and profits.