Campaign details

Brand: Fleggaard
Advertiser: Fleggaard
Agency: UncleGrey; Grey London


Fleggaard is a Danish supermarket chain located on the German border that, over the last 80 years, has become the market leader within the border shopping category. This corner of the retail market is characterised by price sensitive Danes who cross the German border to reap the benefits of Germany's lower taxes, especially on cigarettes, alcohol, sweets and fizzy drinks. Danish border shoppers come from all corners of Denmark, so when they finally reach one of the border shops in Germany, they stock up on anything and everything they can get their hands on.

This behaviour, along with the fact that a return bus ticket to these shops costs only €10, has created an undesirable stigma associated with border shopping. References in the news, satirical portrayals and pop culture in general, depict a negative stereotype of people in Crocs from rural areas buying absurd amounts of alcohol and sweets at border shops.