Flavour Fest: How Slurpee started summer early

Principal author: Ilona Janashvili, Leo Burnett Melbourne
Contributing author: Emily Gould, Leo Burnett Melbourne

Starting summer early for Slurpee

Slurpee is Australia's best-loved frozen beverage. However, every year without fail, it faces the same inevitable meteorological challenge – summer can't last all year round. Even the most loyal Slurpers are hard pushed to buy a frozen drink when it's cooler outside. They still visit 7-Eleven, however they have their eye on other treats. Slurpee units per store outside of summer traditionally lessen as a result1.

In 2014 Slurpee faced an additional challenge. Goliath competitors McDonald's and Burger King, began undercutting Slurpee prices by over a third and drastically outspending Slurpee in media2. As a result, the need to put an end to this seasonal tradition had never been more urgent.