Campaign details

Brand: BT
Advertiser: BT Group
Agency: Now


Filling an industry knowledge-gap.

The work of Binet and Field has armed most marketers with an off-the-shelf business case for brand investment. It acts as evidence for the power of emotion in advertising; proving that emotional campaigns are more effective than rational campaigns.

A closer inspection of the data, however, reveals that this evidence is based, disproportionately, on B2C campaigns. In fact, no existing evidence can really prove the power of emotion in B2B.

The purpose of this paper is to fill a gap in our collective knowledge; beginning to prove that emotional advertising is also effective in business communications and laying the foundation of evidence that other brands can build upon.

This is the story of how Britain's biggest telecommunications company, BT, reconnected with business people. It's about leveraging the power of emotion to make a modest advertising budget more effective (and more efficient); generating a net profit of over £14.5 million and delivering a ROMI of £3.16.