Audi A1 – A big idea, condensed

Principal authors: James Mitchell and Ross Berthinussen, BBH
Contributing authors: Ida Siow and Daryl Frost, BBH


This paper is the next chapter in Audi's 30-year journey, and the next phase in the evolution of Vorsprung durch Technik1, its prestigious brand philosophy.

In 2010, Audi made a leap that no other major prestige car brand had done: it launched a small car, the Audi A1.

The potential reward was great; recruiting a new audience of Audi buyers. But the risk was just as great – the sacrifice of the prestige of VdT, built so carefully over time.

This paper tells the story of how, by staying true to Audi's brand philosophy, we claimed a unique piece of the small car market – and left VdT richer for the experience, not poorer.

The last Audi IPA paper, in 2010, was about VdT's adaption for defence in a recession. This is a story of Audi on the attack – of how we deployed VdT to enter a new territory and achieve growth across the marque.