The Effectiveness of Mobile Magazines: Implications for Mobile Marketers

Alex Wang


This study's objective is to examine whether higher interactivity enabled by a mobile magazine increases message involvement and attitude toward the magazine. The results reveal that a mobile magazine with higher interactivity tends to generate stronger message involvement and attitude toward the magazine than a print magazine with lower interactivity in general. Consequently, the impact of perceived interactivit y on attitude toward the magazine is mediated by message involvement. Implications for mobile marketers are discussed.


Consumers increasingly demand a newfound control over their media experiences since the mobile computing industries are obliging them. Thus, in adapting to the interactive features of mobile computing, marketers now must embrace the mobile magazine format that is dynamic and thus very different from the traditional print format. The convergence of print magazines with mobile devices, which has been playing itself out in 2011, will change the architecture of the magazine industry for publishers. As mobile devices such as tablets become accessible and popular, publishers are adapting to the new realities of how magazines will be delivered and consumed in the future.