Mobile marketing and the value of customer analytics

Cameron Dow
SAS Canada and Latin America, Canada


It is often the first thing we look at in the morning and the last thing at night. Our mobile devices have become arguably the most relied upon item we own, and for many people the thought of losing it is terrifying. As the only communications medium many of us carry with us all day, the mobile device is a powerful tool for marketers looking to break through advertising noise and get their message heard.

By 2014, mobile is expected to overtake desktop Internet usage globally, according to Morgan Stanley Research (Morgan Stanley Research, 2010). This is good news for marketers as mobile presents great power to learn more about customers and to in turn provide relevant, personalized marketing, product and service information, and offers wherever they are.

Mobile devices enable real-time, on-the-go access to useful tools such as email, banking, driving directions, flash sales, competitive price checks, movie times, Twitter feeds, and more. This has profound implications for marketers as with every click, consumers provide information on their interests, preferences, usage, and their connections to the outer world. The key to unlocking this valuable insight is customer analytics, which can assist marketers in developing more successful, personalized offers, pinpoint where customers are for location-based promotions, and link banking and shopping tools for seamless mobile payments.

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