Consumer advertising as a signal of employer attractiveness

Sara Rosengren

Center for Consumer Marketing, Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden

Niklas Bondesson

School of Economics and Management, Lund University, Sweden


This paper contributes to the growing literature on the effects of advertising on stakeholders other than consumers. More specifically, it explores the effects of consumer advertising on potential employees, meaning the employees that a company wishes to attract and recruit.

Attracting and keeping employees is increasingly important for companies (Moroko & Uncles 2008; Schlager et al. 2011). The fierce competition for employees, sometimes referred to as a ‘war for talent’ (Chambers et al. 1998), is caused by, for example, declining birth rates, globalisation, and the growth of the service sector (Bhattacharya et al. 2008). Still, the effect of a company’s consumer advertising on its ability to attract employees remains largely unexplored.