Kellogg's Rice Krispies Squares: The humble Krispies profitable transformation

Leo Burnett

Company profile

Leo Burnett launched in Dublin in 2002 and now work for many of the top marketing brands in the country, creating commercially effective campaigns across every marketing media.

We've always been a very human kind of company. Simple. Straight forward. Down-to-earth. Call it common sense, but we've always tried to talk to people like people. We believe that everything that matters in our business begins and ends with one thing – People.

Being rooted in a fundamental human need, playing a real and valuable role in people's lives, being a source of actions not just words and connecting to what moves broad populations. This is what Leo Burnett believe and why we are successful for our clients.

Introduction & Background

Born into in a land of confectionery giants like Cadbury and Mars, with their gargantuan communications investment levels and in-store strange-hold on counter space, was not an easy start for the humble Kelloggs Rice Krispies Square (KRK Square).