Husqvarna: Tactical campaign

Clearblue Water

Company profile

io has been one of the fastest growing agencies in Ireland over the last 10 years. Given the international experience of the three principal directors we have always striven to deliver a fresh and future facing perspective that has allowed our clients to stay ahead of their competition.

We are very proud of the two things that our clients always say back to us. We always deliver powerful and well thought out creative solutions and nobody else gives them our levels of client service.

We have been responsible for some of the largest integrated campaigns in Ireland to date and The Digital Café campaign launched by io has been at the forefront of getting Irish Businesses to recognise the importance of digital channels.

We are driven, small, independent, opinionated and happy.

Introduction & background

Liffey Distributors distributes forestry, park and garden products to businesses across Ireland. The company is the exclusive importer and distributor of the Husqvarna brand, a world leader in forestry, park, garden and construction products.