Campaign details

Brand: Vodafone Foundation Turkey
Advertiser: Vodafone
Agency: C-Section/Mindshare
Country: Turkey

Campaign Summary

Turkey is home to the biggest stray animal population in Europe. A myriad of animal lovers volunteer for the animals' wellbeing, only to fall short of meeting the needs. Therefore, we wanted to make feeding stray animals as easy as sending a tweet. This way, people would help stray animals without leaving their homes but also promote the cause.

Objectives and Strategy

As was the case with many operators, Vodafone was challenged in social media with regard to positive mentions. Users were mostly mentioning the brand to share their problems.

So, in order to boost our positive buzz, we decided to gather all who want to help stray animals under a single conversation with Vodafone. We aimed to bring this idea into action with Coding Tomorrow, a coding training initiative for children by Vodafone Turkey Foundation, and to gain more public recognition for the foundation.

Execution and Media