Objectives and strategy


  • Generate awareness: +50 articles & 20 social media posts on the play, + 70 articles on the tour;
  • +150,000 views on the videos that promote the play in social media;
  • Involve +10 KOLs;
  • Ensure + 100 tickets to each representation via the online mechanism and have the theatre halls occupied +80% during the tour.

We focused our research on how to better understand what could determine millennials to access cultural content, especially in theatre. Main challenges:

  1. The huge quantity of information available on social networks;
  2. The messages should be in their own context to be organically picked up by friends millennials follow & trust.

In the designing of the COMMUNICATION MIX, we chose online as the most relevant channel for our target. We then analyzed the messages the millennials react to and concluded that they needed to be part of a dialogue.

Execution and media