Campaign details

Brand: Tymbark
Advertiser: Tymbark
Agency: GONG/Mindshare
Country: Poland

Campaign Summary

Market Context: Young people love spending summer holidays with their friends. And snapping photos together. Many photos. Tymbark, a popular fruit drink manufacturer, sought to be a part of their holiday experience. There was one hurdle to clear, however—getting youths to share their pictures with the brand. Funbot is an original, custom-designed AI-powered solution, which uses a highly advanced image recognition and analysis algorithms to facilitate interaction between brand and consumer. The innovative service boosted customer engagement among younger demographics, driving them to share over 300,000 photos and continue to interact with the brand as far as twelve months after campaign conclusion.

Objectives and Strategy

The 15-24yo demographic makes up up the biggest group among on-the-go drink consumers. Tymbark, a market leader in the industry, faces specific challenges in this particular area—its market share is vulnerable to both typically youth-oriented brands (Frugo, Roko), and established brands with international reach (Cola, Fanta, Sprite). To maintain the market leader position, a brand needs to be perceived as a trendsetter and early adopter of innovative solutions that boost engagement among the younger consumers. For the 15-24 demographic, the summer holidays are a perfect opportunity to spend some time with friends. And snap photos together. Hundreds of photos. The challenge was to design a digital activation campaign that would encourage younger consumers to share their holiday memories, in the form of pictures, with the brand.

  • KPI: 50,000 photos within the activation
  • KPI2: At least 2 pictures shared per user
  • CoreTG: younger consumers (15-24yo)

Execution and Media