Objectives and strategy

  1. To support a launch of Samsung Galaxy S8 and its Gear VR headset on social media.
  2. To localize the global #DoWhatYouCan't idea to the Polish market.

Execution and media

The whole campaign was centered around a story of a forgotten hero: general Tadeusz Kuziora who was close to become the first ever Polish cosmonaut.

We recreated the Soyuz30 mission as a VR experience – proving that Samsung Galaxy S8 and Gear VR headset indeed can fulfil dreams.

The experience crafted for one soon was shared by many:

  1. VR app is available both in the Samsung VR Store and the Occulus shop.
  2. 360 degree experience is available on YouTube.
  3. 5-minutes YouTube documentary about fulfilled dream of Kuziora is available on YouTube and Facebook.
  4. The films were supported by Facebook Ads campaign.
  5. Additionally, the film was broadcast on TV.