Campaign details

Brand: Renault
Advertiser: Renault
Agency: 4129 Grey/Wavemaker Turkey
Country: Turkey

Campaign Summary

In an environment of changing consumer expectations and trends, we designed an instant way to book a test drive, that increases brand scores in this tech-smart, creative campaign. As we learned from consumer journey the most important target for automotive sector is leading potential customers to test drive. However, the hurry of modern life makes it harder. Therefore; we aimed to increase Renault Megane Sedan awareness and differentiate from other brands by changing classical test drive experience.

We included Renault Megane Sedan as a purchase category in 'Getir' which is an instant purchase app and created the world's fastest test drive opportunity. With 30 cars and drivers located in top 30 interest&purchase rate locations of 'Getir', tapping on 'Megane Sedan' was all the users had to do to get test drive.