Objectives and strategy

OPR Finance wanted an edgy way of creating awareness to themselves and establish their name top of mind within their primary target group, small entrepreneurs and inventors, both existing and those considering.

Through relevant and engaging content, OPR Finance planned to take the position within the market as those who support growth in Denmark as well as a lift in brand awareness at min. 200%.

Ekstra Bladet created a concept, with the purpose of fulfilling this ambition – and to create content with the right Ekstra Bladet DNA: Wild ideas, committed competitors and a competition, these three elements were the foundation for success.

Execution and media

The campaign started off with native articles telling stories about ideas that changed the world. Both present and historical.

Next step Ekstra Bladet and OPR reached out and encouraged users to submit their own ideas and business plans and enter the competition of winning 20.000 USD using native articles.