Objectives and strategy

What is different about Electric Castle from all the other music festivals in Romania is the strong community of fans gathered since the beginning who have developed a deep sense of belonging. The challenge was to create a communication platform that would strengthen the emotional bond with the historical target, making the event more visible and relevant to new public categories as well. Objectives: higher participation on Sunday +10%, media awareness with reduced budged, online buzz, involve the corporate target – potential future sponsors. We started the plan from strong insights: the festival is organized from Thursday to Sunday, in Transylvania; internal surveys showed that participants working in corporations usually take 2 days off and on Monday return to work, missing the Sunday headliner.

Communication mix: Earned – blogs, vlogs, Facebook & Instagram accounts of VIPs & KOLs, press // Shared – Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat // Owned – Facebook page, the campaign platform.

Execution and media