Campaign details

Brand: AXE
Advertiser: Unilever
Agency: DDB&tribal/Mindshare Poland
Country: Poland

Campaign Summary

We created a local campaign, during which we showed ordinary men with some extraordinary hobbies. Materials created as part of the "What's your magic?" campaign were watched over 13 million times. At the same time, the materials created by the vloggers from ABSTRA TV, which are popular among our target group, reached around 5 million views.

Objectives and Strategy

Axe defined attractiveness as great look and popularity among women. In 2015 the market share reached only 5.2% - consumers rejected AXE as they stopped to believe in it. In 2016 started new Find Your Magic communication: to convince boys that everyone has some special & attractive talents and AXE just emphasize it. We targeted men aged 17-35 who want to show their magic to the world, who appreciate authentic content. They hate marketing bullshit. They carefully build their social image, rarely like, comment or share content. They are incredibly hard to attract adblockers (IR Center 2016: in the 15-24 age: 36%, and in the 25-34: 26%). The idea was to create branded but credible content. KPIs: 16,000 interactions and 400,000 organic material views. Finally to change the brand image on the modern/up to date attributes (KPI: +2 points in each of the age segments : M16-24 and M25-35).

Execution and Media