Objectives and strategy

The objectives:

  • Traffic increase on dealer sites: + 20% weekly sessions and + 20% weekly users compared to before campaign launch
  • Cost per conversion decrease: 50% reduction
  • Increase in CTR by 50%


A growing variety of products as well as a growing flood of information are flowing into the customer. Therefore, the right message at the right time in the right place in the right environment in the right quality for the right customer is the success factor. The commitment of the user depends on the individual relevance. The closer the message meets its personal needs, the sooner it will be perceived, and action will be taken.

Therefore, is the goal to maximize the relevance of the advertising message to the individual user rather than just sending campaigns in a limited time frame.

Execution and media

Continuous playback of dynamic, individualized real-time retargeting banners. Delivered to the next customer using geotargeting.