Campaign details

Brand: Advance
Advertiser: Affinity Pet Care
Agency: Arena Media Barcelona
Country: Spain

Campaign Summary

Advance is a specialist pet food brand that had been mostly relying on veterinarians to prescript its products to pet owners. With the relaunch of their new positioning, they decided it was time was to focus on the pet owner to be their own prescriber, by empowering them with all the information regarding the science of dog and cat care.

Because, only by knowing and understanding our pets, we can give them the best for their health and wellbeing.

We did this by getting inspiration from TED TALKS: we created PET TALKS.

Objectives and Strategy

The objectives were to inform about advances new positioning, to interest our target about the science of pet care and empowering them through knowledge, interest the consumer though clinical rigueur and scientific credibility in a category where pet cuteness is usually used to promote the products and finally, inform and entertain.