Project summary

Artificial Intelligence is encroaching into our daily lives, so how can brands differentiate themselves in an emerging AI-powered retail environment? AI can provide tangible and important advantages for both retailers and their customers, transforming their interactions forever. OMD's bespoke research initiative gives insight into how consumers accept, understand and trust AI activations, exposing how brands can implement AI services that deliver meaningful human impact.

Our goals were to capture real consumer behaviours and perceptions, gain a medium-term outlook of AI in retail, and understand the most important aspects of developing consumer-centric AI. As our research involved an emerging technology, we used a mixed method approach including qualitative explorative techniques and a quantitative online survey across 14 European countries with over 16,000 nationally representative respondents.

We also worked with Goldsmiths, University of London, to add an academic approach to the research and be close to the latest developments arising in the field. The research sought to inform brands of best practices in harnessing the power of AI at an early stage in its development. Looking in-depth at the ways consumers interact with AI in retail, we identified current perceptions, gained an understanding of their experiences and captured desires for near-future capabilities.