Campaign details

Brand: Gemius
Country: Germany/Turkey

Project Summary

Marketers strive to find one unified solution to measure their net reach in a complex cross-media world of today. Gemius' wishing to meet the market needs, introduces a comprehensive 360 analysis service comprising two complementary products. The brand-new tool, gemiusPostBuy is able to deliver in-depth analyses on marketers' own tagged & non-tagged campaigns. The harmonizing element is the renowned gemiusAdReal study, recognized by the IAB in 2017, enabling all market participants to benchmark their activities against both: their competitors and the market sector itself. The study has since been updated and as of 2019 both, gemiusAdReal and gemiusPostBuy use the Gemius' unique true single-source panel passively collecting data on media and ad consumption from digital and traditional media like TV and radio, with no other intermediaries necessary. Both tools directly complement each other simultaneously giving a broad spectrum of analysis possibilities, and thanks to Gemius' original technology they allow for a peak into the walled gardens of large Media Owners such as Alphabet or Facebook and offer a full in-home and out-of-home coverage.