Campaign details

Brand: Exterion Media
Agency: MeMo2

Project Summary

MeMo2 observed an important transformation within the domain of marketing analytics, namely: the transformation from 'Descriptive Analytics (What happened?) to 'Prescriptive Analytics' (How to shape the future?). This transformation has become a motivation for the start of an innovative big data & machine learning project.

Since 2014, Exterion Media has invested significantly in offering advertisers data and learnings regarding their outdoor campaigns. Post-campaign results concerning the realised Impact and uplift in Awareness and Purchase Intent were shared with more than 275 advertisers. The market however, shows a strong desire to receive insights before their campaign starts. This was the starting point to develop a powerful online tool to predict the quality and impact of (Digital)Outdoor campaigns. Based on machine learning and the underlying results of over 300 studies conducted since 2014, which included 68.000 respondents and a variety of brands and industries, MeMo2 has created a state-of-the-art and easy-to-use tool to forecast the impact of (Digital)Outdoor campaigns.