Campaign details

Brand: Coop
Agency: Annalect
Country: Denmark

Project Summary

Annalect has developed an agile MMM setup for supermarket retailer Coop in Denmark. Marketing Mix Modelling requires data collection from a wide range of sources, often making the data collection phase more time consuming than the actual statistical modelling phase.

Each month Coop can review complete updates of modelled sales data that is less than two weeks old, with digital media split into nine channels. The setup enables analysis on effects created from different digital executions, i.e. always-on vs campaign bursts or tactical messages vs. branding messages

A process that previously would take 8-10 weeks to complete and would usually only be done once a year on an aggregated level.

The research setup for Coop spans four different retail chains and utilises different digital technologies to create a seamless data flow, updating all data sources continuously. We have created a state-of-the-art modelling setup with high levels of automation in all steps from the data extraction, transformation and loading (ETL process) through the modelling phase to end visualisation.