Campaign details

Brand: Annalect

Project Summary

In a world of constant stimuli and attention span decreasing, we believe more than ever, it is essential that our communication reach and leave a mark on the consumer. Not just in memory but on a more subconscious level.

Inspired from Byron Sharp's theory about Emotional Impact, we included biosensors when testing three ads with different creative expressions. The theory concerns the importance of brands creating positive emotional responses to make brands grow. Since we believe platforms interfere with the emotional response, the ads were tested on Facebook, YouTube and TV-on-demand.

To create a realistic ad-exposing setting as possible, we developed interface-mockups and combined it with observation and in-depth-interviews.

We concluded that the ads awoke different emotional responses. But more importantly we discovered that the same ad performed differently on the platforms indicating diverse 'platform-mindset' and therefore diverse 'emotional matches' between creative expressions and platforms. This created evidence-based knowledge instead of assumption about differences in platform performance.