How men shop for personal grooming products

In a recent study of 10 countries, GfK found that over two thirds of men aged 16-21 are now buying personal care and grooming products. At what point of their purchase journey can companies target this important consumer segment?

Researching before they buy

Today's young men are very engaged in the personal care and grooming category, carrying out as much research into products before they buy them as young women. Young Chinese men carry out the most research overall with 84 percent saying they do some level of research, followed by Russians at 78 percent, Brazilians at 63 percent, and North Americans at 61 percent.

Some men describe their research activity in the personal care area as "extensive", with some markets showing more men claiming this than women. For instance, in Italy, 29 percent of men aged 16-21 say they carry out "extensive" compared to 13 percent of women the same age – followed by Brazil, with 19 percent of men compared to 12 percent of women. In the US, the figures are 15 percent and 8 percent and in Germany it is 11 percent and 4 percent respectively.

Men don't know what they want