It may be several years before autonomous vehicles are a common sight on America's roads. But the marketing possibilities for brands will accelerate rapidly as digital tech is integrated into a new breed of coupés, trucks, and sedans.

"The opportunities for great, powerful, meaningful experiences, for revenue, for marketing and advertising are unbelievable," Shel Kimen, Global User Experience Practice Manager at the Ford Motor Co., explained at the Mobile Marketing Association's 2017 SM2 Innovation Summit in New York.

Kimen – who leads a group of strategists and designers charged with developing Ford's activities across disciplines including autonomy, commerce and luxury – outlined a few paths that marketers might want to consider as connected, then self-driving, cars become part of consumers' daily lives.


At the most basic level, the growing number of screens that will be found in vehicles – for passengers in today's connected cars, and (prospectively) for everyone sat in a self-driving car – present a myriad of potential ways for reaching consumers.