Five current trends that are changing media

This article discusses Joe Mandese's choice of the five most important current media trends. These are: the increasing importance of the 'long tail', as small-scale niche marketing becomes more accessible both offline and online; the growth of the 'prosumer', an expanding middle market between consumer-generated and professionally produced media content and advertising; distributed media, a new model that puts the consumer at the centre of media content, and requires content owners and advertisers to distribute communications on the platform of the consumer's choice; behavioural targeting, providing the opportunity to serve ads to consumers in the context of their media habits and purchasing behaviour; and contextual targeting, which remains the most relevant art, compounding the effect of behavioural targeting.

Five current trends that are changing media

Joe Mandese

Recently, an old friend, and former Madison Avenue media honcho, gave me an interesting assignment. This friend, now a top management consultant advising big marketers on their media strategies, was...

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