Fighting Covid-19: The resumption of work is another test and a turning point for self-optimization

Whether it's a company or an individual, either the phoenix will be bloodbathed during the "ebb and flow" of the epidemic, or the "end" will never end. Under the circumstance that each of us knows that "today is no longer yesterday", we must seize the moment and deal with it. Changes and Crisis Management - Looking from the outside, if you can't focus on customers before your own products and services, even if you return to work, you will still have a shallow relationship with "income"; go inside and meet the difficult challenges after the resumption of work: efficient Teamwork is needed to defuse the immediate crisis, while the corporate “physique” must be rapidly adjusted to respond to new goals and redeploy organizational strategy/value proposition/products and services to meet the changing needs of customers.

Shanghai is not only the Shanghai of the Yangtze River Delta and the Shanghai of China, but also the Shanghai of the world; the "resumption of work" that all parties are eagerly looking forward to seems to be in the countdown. "Recovery" means repetition,...

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