World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. (WWE) has a brand strategy based around flexing its content muscles wherever its target audience can be pinned down.

"At WWE, we're in the storytelling business," Michelle Wilson, WWE's Chief Marketing/Revenue Officer, told delegates at CES 2017, a conference held by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) in Las Vegas. "We are, essentially, platform-agnostic. So we're going to go wherever our fans are to continue to tell our stories."

In this context, the expansion of video-sharing sites, social networks, messaging apps, and emerging technologies like virtual reality (VR) present opportunities for the Stamford, Connecticut-based organization – and owner of the world's fifth most-valuable sports brand – to increase awareness, reach and engagement using content generated from the 500 live events it holds every year.

Some headline statistics from 2016 indicate its success in this area, as WWE logged:

  • 15.1 billion video views – up 56% year on year;
  • 1.1 billion social-media engagements – a 45% annual lift;
  • 750 million followers on 16 social-media sites worldwide.