Starting university, graduating, moving house, running a marathon, marrying, having kids, divorcing. If you asked someone how they might respond to one of these life events, they would probably list a plethora of sensations: love or loathing, exhilaration or exhaustion, serenity or stress, hope or horror. Perhaps all these things in the case of having a child.

However, if you posed the same question to William Hanmer-Lloyd, head of behavioural planning at Total Media, he would provide a more succinct answer: a person experiencing any of these events is simply more likely to try new brands.

Hanmer-Lloyd’s claim is backed up by research from the University of Essex and the Department of Transport in the UK, which showed that people are four times as likely to buy a new car just after they get married, move house or have a child. Other research has shown people are more likely to adopt environmentally friendly behaviours after moving house, and a survey of 2,370 people revealed 8% of consumers switched brands recently compared with 21% who had experienced a life event. But why is this the case?