Audio logos are essential for your brand and not simply due to the rise in smart speaker ownership. According to Matt Dickson, National Head of Creativity for The Studio at Southern Cross Austereo (SCA), the rise in voice search more broadly is making it vital for brands to consider how they sound.

With oft-quoted predictions that 50% of all search will be carried out via voice within the next two years, brands not optimised for this channel will be missing out. Furthermore, brands need to consider the unique relationship audio has with the human brain, Dickson told the Mumbrella Audioland conference (Sydney, May 2019).

“It’s instinctive. We understand audio before we experience our other senses. With two notes you can cram [in] happiness, tension, pride, a feeling of failure. With just two notes you can clear a beach if you play the ‘Jaws’ theme. Audio is really powerful and, as marketers, we can use the instinctive nature of audio and our instinctive responses to it to create powerful connections,” he said.