In October 2018, an Association of National Advertisers survey revealed that 78 percent of brand marketers had some form of in-house operation, compared to just 58 percent in 2013. The report, The Continued Rise of In-House Agencies, claimed that close to 60% of advertising assignments are now being handled by in-house agencies.

It’s a trend that was echoed in Dollar Shave Club ECD Matt Knapp’s presentation at June’s Mumbrella360, in which he detailed a laundry list of benefits with the in-house model. Knapp moved to the US-based online grooming company in 2015, after several years in art director and creative director roles at DDB Sydney, DDB New York, and Anomaly.

The biggest problem with the client/agency model, Knapp said, is that agencies are treated like vendors. “That's not the way that you want to do business. You think about some of the best brand and agency relationships, Nike and Wieden+Kennedy, for example. They're true partners, and they've both risen together. It needs to exist at a partnership level, instead of a ‘jump how high’ thing.”