Today's kids having much more of a say in household decisions than previous generations, according to Kirsty Bloore, Research Director for Viacom International Media Networks Australia and New Zealand.

"Kids have an influence on the whole household, so marketers should take this into account when they are actually targeting mums. Don't forget the kids. They are certainly a big part of family decision making," she said at the Marketing to Mums Conference in Sydney.

Bloore and her team spend many hours researching families for the Viacom-owned Nickelodeon channel which involves talking to both parents and children. One of the key findings of this research is that the days of "pester power", a tactic once employed by kids to get their parents to purchase items seen in advertisements, are over.

"It's not 'pester power' anymore. Kids are fully involved in the family conversations. And parents are really looking to them for their guidance and advice," said Bloore.