Tom Sweeney is “a proper hardcore sweat”. He’s also the director of gaming at Media Chain, a social-first publisher, but he’s grown up as a gamer and feels eminently qualified to pass an opinion about the subject – and especially about what brands are doing in this space. His message is stark: “If you are targeting this enormous group, you genuinely are currently wasting your money. I’d be so bold as to say that millions of dollars have been wasted.”

Speaking at Advertising Week Europe (London, March 2019), he complained that he sees “tons of really terrible campaigns all the time”, but added that “there are so many ways you [brands] can make things better”.

The problem is, he said, that advertisers tend to view all gamers in the same way – one that takes little or no account of the different ways in which people play games, from those dipping into an occasional game of Candy Crush on a commute to the serious gamer who spends hours immersed in multiplayer online games.