Why it matters

A market like Indonesia can defy global norms and become a proving ground for how brands can better deliver meaningful content in innovative and relevant ways. Unilever and Domino’s Pizza share some lessons learnt.


  • Google Trends can be a cost-effective way of identifying where to spend limited search budgets when stacked up against better funded competitors.
  • Brands should draw from consumer experiences for disruptive content that makes an impact.
  • Recognise the strength of your brand and how it’s perceived in market then delivering content accordingly – even if it defies global norms.

Being first to market, as Unilever senior global brand director Kartik Khare sees it, can be an advantage for brands, but not always for content.

“We are lucky to have brands which are very big, as we were early in the markets,” said Khare, during the FUTR Asia Summit in Singapore. “But if it’s content, being early to market is only advantageous sometimes. Most of the time, it’s about the right opportunities.”