The Comms Lab, a company dedicated to helping the advertising industry become more purpose-led, launched with the Reclaiming Agency report – revolving around the strategic opportunity of purpose – as a provocation to the industry.

The report outlines what Ella Saltmarshe, co-founder of The Comms Lab, detailed as the ‘purpose-turn’, which looks at the discourse of moral neutrality within the industry. “The world is changing now, business is changing, society is changing, and the economy is changing,” said Saltmarshe – and a position of moral neutrality is having diminishing strategic return for agencies.

The purpose-turn highlights that “agencies need to define and embody the impact they want to have on the world”, Saltmarshe explained to an audience at Purpose Disruptors (London, June 2018), an event organised by Mindshare and designed as a learning experience for all present, both audience and speakers.

The growth of purpose