WarnerMedia is creating a content powerhouse that is set to disrupt the streaming industry.

Established after telecoms company AT&T acquired media titan Time Warner – a deal confirmed earlier this year following a legal appeal, overturning an argument by the US government that it would result in a merged entity with too much market heft – the organization is eager to tap into an apparently insatiable desire for online video content among consumers.

Even after navigating tough regulatory terrain, however, WarnerMedia still faces rivals almost as intimidating as the Department of Justice in the form of streaming giants like Netflix and Amazon. Moreover, competitors such as Apple and Disney – with a branded service and its Hulu subsidiary – are ramping up their activity.

From a content perspective, WarnerMedia is confident about attracting eyeballs, not least because it can draw on material from assets like HBO, the premium cable network responsible for “Game of Thrones”, “The Wire”, “The Sopranos”, and countless other groundbreaking shows. Additionally, its portfolio includes TBS, TNT and Warner Bros., the latter of which owns rights to iconic sitcoms “Friends”, “Seinfeld”, and “The Big Bang Theory”.