Visible, a new, all-digital cellular-phone service, has found a way to grab attention in the physical world … by not being present.

The ten-month old subsidiary of Verizon Wireless, the largest US cellular company, is intended to compete with the likes of Cricket and other low-cost prepaid wireless providers. And the “all digital” nature of the brand means the new service doesn’t have retail locations and is available only online.

Or, as Verizon touts, “A phone service that lives exactly where it should: On an app. On your phone.”


Beth Veen, head/brand strategy,

Visible turned to a novel marketing strategy to announce its digital presence to the public, according to Beth Veen, its head/brand strategy. As she told delegates at the Incite Group’s 2019 Brand Marketing Summit in San Francisco, it took to the streets to boldly proclaim what it wasn’t going to be.