It is one of the curiosities of the internet age that, despite the ever-changing nature of user behaviour, ad formats often enjoy a much longer lifespan than the digital media brands and platforms they grace.

Take the humble banner ad, still alive and kicking despite the deluge of material denouncing its (lack of) effectiveness. Now, six or seven years since its zenith as the digital buzzword of choice, Verizon Media – formerly Oath – has decided the time has come to ‘redefine’ native advertising.

Speaking at The Big Bang conference at London’s Science Museum – hosted by Marin Software and The Drum – Anita Caras, Director Sales Insights at Verizon Media, presented the results of a recent study into native advertising, and explained how user attitudes towards native are shaping the formats running on Verizon brands, including AOL, Yahoo, Tumblr and Huffington Post.

The report, called ‘Redefining Native Study 2018’, saw the media owner collect 1.5 million data points from 60 hours of user interactions with digital properties, including 500,000 subconscious responses by consumers in the UK, France and Germany.