As every good marketing industry watcher knows, the breakneck growth of the digital platforms has been underpinned by their ability to access hitherto untapped SME ad dollars. Traditional media channels like TV, print and OOH had been considered the preserve of big brands with even bigger budgets. This made Google and Facebook’s proposition of reaching mass audiences on a shoestring all the more alluring.

Those other media channels are now acutely aware of the growing scale of this opportunity, especially in the context of the recent rise of direct-to-consumer brands, and believe they can prise ad dollars away from the so-called Duopoly.

To add some empirical evidence to their clarion call, Thinkbox, the UK’s TV marketing body, commissioned a study to discover the impact of television on the performance of small businesses. The research, ‘Supercharge: TV for small businesses’, was carried out by Data2Decisions. It suggested that for smaller businesses looking to generate a rapid uptake in sales volume, TV offers the most effective advertising medium.